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化新点子为文字      编写影像新世纪

Love writing but NEED SOME tips to write for the screen? Aspire to transform ideas to scripts that SELL in the China market? 

This course equips you with the techniques on writing a screenplay for an over-the-top service (OTT) within three months. Helmed by SIX well-known China OTT screenwriters and a local award-winning scriptwriter, the industry experts will guide you into the writing of treatment, techniques for screenwriting, creating specific components of scriptwriting for OTT, and developing a full-length screenplay.

You will take part in a hands-on workshop where our trainers will

coach you on screenwriting; and one-to-one clinic to fine-tune your treatment and script. 




新加坡义安理工学院与长信文化传媒携手联办本地首创网络大电影编剧课程。为期三个月,学员们将在海内外著名编剧亲授各种撰写剧本的技巧下,在课程结束前完成网络大电影/网络剧剧本 (Over-the-top Service, 简称 OTT) 。由六位中国知名网络剧编剧及本地金牌影视编剧组成的坚强师资,带领学员解剖中国网络大电影和网络剧的趋势与结构。从构思、梗概大纲,到分场、人物设计,带领学员一步步完成剧本



*This course is supported for up to 90% subsidy under the IMDA Talent-Assistance (T-Assist).  Malaysians  can apply for 70% subsidy, sponsored by G.H.Y Culture & Media and Iskandar Malaysia Studios. Terms and conditions apply.

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Workshop Trainer


Xiao Tian is best known for creating, supervising and writing the supernatural suspense drama “The Ferry Man”《灵魂摆渡》, which won the Best Internet Drama Award in the 2014 Internet Drama Research Conference. The series was produced by iQiyi and Beijing Changxin, with Zhang Yu Xin as Producer and Guo Jing Yu as Art Director.  

In 2015, he supervised and wrote “The Ferry Man II” series which gained 100 million hits in the first three days of online release. Eventually, it crossed 1 billion hits at the end of the season. In 2016, he supervised and wrote the third franchise of the online series “The Ferry Man III” and also created the theatre edition named “The Ferry Man: Absolute Beauty”. The three seasons were big hits in the country and crossed 2 billion viewership in aggregate. 

His recent work “The Ferry Man – Manjusaka”《灵魂摆渡- 黄泉》became the first online movie to break the revenue sharing record of RMB 40 million with 170 million views in just 120 days. 

The film generated RMB 61 million (S$12.7 million) in its first month of release. This small budget online movie was made with less than S$2 million budget and telecast on iQiyi. 

Xiao Tian won the Best Scriptwriter Award in the 2016 and 2017 editions of the iQiyi Scream Night.  

Workshop Trainer


One of the top film experts in China. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Peking University and Ph.D. in Film Studies from the Communication University of China. He is currently a professor at the Communication University of China. His works include The Aesthetic Style of Hong Kong Action Films, Appreciation of Classical Film & Teleplay Works, History of Chinese Animation Films, Types and Authors: A Study of Commercial Aesthetics of Contemporary Chinese Films. He worked as the planner, the host and the guest of film channel’s programme such as "A Good Film Contract" and "Today's Film Review". He also participated in the script and project planning for Zhang Yimou and Jiang Wen’s well-known film works. He served as the judges of Shanghai International Film Festival, Beijing University Film Festival, and Ten Chinese Film Selections.

Workshop Trainer


You Xiaoguang has a Doctorate degree from Beijing Film Academy and is currently a lecturer at the School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing Normal University. His research is based on overseas film and television communication. Several of his papers have been published in China's most authoritative academic journals, including Contemporary Cinema, Film Art, Journal of Beijing Film Academy, and Modern Communication. He has also participated in the behind-the-scene planning of many domestic movies and TV series in China.

Workshop Trainer


A young and renowned scriptwriter in mainland China and the founder of Hong Hai Er Creative Team 红孩儿创作组. He graduated from the Communication University of China with a Master's Degree in Film and has rich experience in scriptwriting. 

His script “Love You, Love You”《很爱很爱你》was selected under the 2nd Season: Support For Youth With Outstanding Film And Drama Project Plan organised by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. He was selected as a member of the youth working committee of the China Television Drama Production Industry Association. He also served as the assistant director on the sets of drama series “Red Lady” 《红娘子》, “Dog Stick” 《打狗棍》, and the scheduler of the drama series “Yangko Dance” 《大秧歌》. He was the scriptwriter for the drama series “Deep Brotherly Love”《兄弟情深》and “STB Super Teacher”《STB超级教师》.  

In 2019, he completed the scripts for iQiyi’s period action drama “Fearless”《霍元甲》, due for release in the third quarter of the year.

Online Trainer


Master of Arts, Communication University of China, Wang Lin is the film producer, creative director currently in Tencent Penguin Film Culture. She was the special author of "Global Screen" and "Movie Watching". She became promotional director of Yao Chen's studio. She  also worked for famous director Peter Chen and producer Jo Jo Hui as the creative director. In recent years, She has participated in the film planning and promotion work of “Soulmate", "Love You”,“Better Days", "Li Na:My Life". Her latest work is the online movie "Secret Service Elite" series, which has more than 62 million online hits.

Online Trainer


Born in 1988, Master of Arts, Communication University of China, Wude currently is the vice president of Beijing Changxin Culture & Media Co., Ltd. Since 2011, he has been devoting to film and television industry. Besides being a film critic, he has also worked as a director for television, and as project manager for film and TV drama projects. His experience in project planning and co-ordination is solid.

In 2011, he joined Guangzhou Television as the television director and quickly became the main drive. Since 2012, he has been selected as a member of several national research projects and completed research on English-American dramas, type films, and film directors. His related achievements are assembled into publications. Since 2013, he has been the special reporter and author for magazines such as Popular Film, Universal Screen and Movie Expo Impact, and has published dozens of articles.

In 2014, he joined Tencent as a short video and network drama project manager who was responsible for the complete process of project evaluation, docking, quality monitoring, operation and marketing, and formulated the "network drama dividend policy" system. He led nearly 300 network drama, including "Addiction", "Chen Ergou's Evil Life" and"Don't Kiss Me"and so on. These projects have become blockbusters at that time.

In 2017, he joined Tencent Film Industry as a project manager, leading the team of 5 people to complete the product design, set up operation rules and carry out marketing activities of "BiKan APP". He has joined "Jianxinpicture" since 2018, and has made the promotion and distribution work of network film "Huangquan", "Niangdao", "Perfect Youth" and participated in the programming of the TV series "Huo Yuanjia", "The Little Nyonya" and "Handsome Siblings".

Clinic Trainer


He made his directorial debut in 2009 where he co-directed "Where Got Ghost? " with Jack Neo. Prior to his film debut, Boris conceptualised and scripted numerous sitcoms, short films and variety shows in MediaCorp Studios and J Team.

In 2007, "Just Follow Law", a film that Boris wrote was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 44TH Golden Horse Awards 2007. Boris also directed features such as, "Aku Tak Bodoh" (Malay remake of I Not Stupid 2), "Phua Chu Kang The Movie", "Greedy Ghost", and "Filial Party". In 2017, he directed comedy film "Lucky Boy".

Boris recently bagged the Best Short-form Drama Serial Award in the Star Awards 2019. He was the Head Scriptwriter for the series that are broadcast on MediaCorp’s online content provide Toggle.

Boris is also an Associate Lecturer in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, teaching modules related to directing and scriptwriting.




Chinese Scriptwriting for OTT movie (in Mandarin)


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the trends and development of over-the-top services (OTT) in China

  • Understand the principles of scriptwriting and storytelling

  • Develop techniques of screenwriting

  • Develop and write treatment for screenplay

  • Create the specific component of scripting for OTT: structure, dramatic composition, characterization.

  • Develop and write a screenplay for a full-length fiction for the China OTT market.


  • Trends in China over-the-top services (OTT) and content development 

  • Principles of scriptwriting and storytelling

  • Ideation and story development

  • Introduction to Treatment

  • Treatment development and writing

  • Treatment practice

  • Visualisation and screenplay structure

  • Theme & Characterisation 

  • Story Bible

  • Scene breakdown 

  • Scene writing

  • From treatment to scene breakdown

  • From screen breakdown to script


Start Date: 7 September 2019 (Weekends)
End Date: 3  November 2019
Duration: 10 sessions (9am-6pm)


GHY Culture Training Room

988 Toa Payoh North

#07-08 Singapore 319002



S$1800 (without GST)

S$1926 (with GST)


For Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Companies registered or incorporated in Singapore

This course is supported by Talent-Assistance (T-Assist), an initiative under IMDA’s Media Manpower Plan that aims to strengthen the media capabilities of the local workforce. Under the initiative, funding support is provided to eligible companies and individuals to encourage them to acquire deeper skills and competencies through a list of pre-approved media courses, focusing on courses at intermediate and advanced levels.

Click here for more information on T-Assist.


Note: Please email the category of the funding support that you are applying, together with the supporting documents to:  enquiryCET@np.edu.sg


Registration and payment must be completed before 7 September 2019 to qualify.

Malaysian Citizens

This course is supported by G.H.Y Culture & Media and Iskandar Malaysia Studios.

  • 70% course fee will be co-sponsored by G.H.Y Culture & Media and Iskandar Malaysia Studios for selected applicants. Accommodation, meals and transportation are to be provided at applicant’s own expense.

  • Applicants must submit a personal profile or curriculum vitae together with their application to production@ghyculturemedia.com. It should include a portfolio of related works and letters of recommendation from professors or industry professionals.

  • Successful applicants must attain at least 75% of attendance and complete a full script at the end of the course to qualify for the subsidy.

This course is brought to you by Ngee Ann Polytechnic's School of Humanities & Social Sciences and G.H.Y Culture & Media (Singapore) Pte Ltd. 




1st Lesson (Workshop)


  • China Film Market Overview

  • Trends in China over-the-top services (OTT) and content development 

  • Introduction to storytelling and scriptwriting 

2nd Lesson (Workshop)

8 SEP 2019 (SUNDAY)

  • Research and story development

  • Introduction to treatment writing

  • Treatment development and writing 

3rd Lesson (Clinic)

14 SEP 2019 (SATURDAY)

  • Review and feedback on draft treatment

4th Lesson (Clinic)

15 SEP 2019 (SUNDAY)

  • Review and feedback on draft treatment


21 SEP 2019 (SATURDAY)

  • Submit Treatment (Email) to be reviewed by China writers.

5th Lesson (Workshop)

28 SEP 2019 (SATURDAY)

  • The script writing process

  • Nuances of various storytelling media

  • Theme & Characterisation

6th Lesson (Workshop)

29 SEP 2019 (SUNDAY)

  • Media platforms for the target audience and the relevant engagement

  • Scene breakdown 

  • Scene and dialogue writing

  • After class consultation


6 OCT 2019 (SUNDAY)

  • Submission of Scene Breakdown

7th Lesson (Clinic)

13 OCT 2019 (SATURDAY)

  • Scene Breakdown 1-on-1 consultation

7th Lesson (Clinic)

14 OCT 2019 (SUNDAY)

  • Scene Breakdown 1-on-1 consultation

8th Lesson (Clinic)

18 OCT 2019 (SATURDAY)

  • Scene Breakdown 1-on-1 consultation

8th Lesson (Clinic)

19 OCT 2019 (SUNDAY)

  • Scene Breakdown 1-on-1 consultation


27 OCT 2019 (SUNDAY)

  • 1st Draft Script Submission to be reviewed by China Scriptwriters

9th Lesson (Workshop)


  • Script revision and 1-on-1 consultation with China Trainers

10th Lesson (Workshop)

3 NOV 2019 (SUNDAY)

  • Sharing by China Trainers


10 NOV 2019 (SUNDAY)

  • Submission of revised script for Final Feedback

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